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About the Movement

A Catalyst causes accelerated change without being changed itself. We believe every Christian is called to be a Catalyst of change and transformation through prayer, proclamation of the gospel, walking in the power of God and acts of practical love. The harvest is ready and the workers are few. Will you go? Will you be a Catalyst?

Culture of a Catalyst


Out of relationship with God there is an overflow of genuine love for God and others. This love has no room for passivity and fear and is zealous for the good of others.


Faith that steps out into courageous action. Believing that God is who he says he is and is faithful to his word.


Our response to the love and worth of Jesus is to surrender every area of our lives to him. He is worth everything.


God’s desire is for us to live free of anything that holds us back. Because of the gospel we are free to live like Christ. Freedom results in a lifestyle of impacting people around you.


Everyone has an incredibly powerful call from God to bring eternal transformation to the world. The days of tall poppy syndrome are over and now is the time for spectator Christianity to be eradicated.

You were never created for spectator christianity

Catalyst Project

We aim to empower a generation to be all in for Jesus and His call. Catalyst Project is designed to practically equip you to wholeheartedly love God and people, live in freedom, reach the lost and disciple others. You will find so many others who want to live a lifestyle of action that reaches people with the love, message and power of Jesus.

19 – 24 April 2023, Auckland

What’s On


We run weekly worship and prayer gatherings in Auckland. This is for anyone to come to. If you have faith and want to pray with others for New Zealand, come!


Weekly dinner parties is a space for young adults who love Jesus to connect, hangout and encourage one another.


Once a week outreach at Albert Park in Auckland. And a once per month combined outreach on a Saturday morning with various churches.

Catalyst Online

Every month we host a Zoom call for anyone from anywhere to jump on and be with others who want to go deeper in God and be a Catalyst in their everyday life.

We believe we will see revival in our nation through people who desire to know God, no matter their age. We believe that there is a generation of young people God is raising up to know His Word, His Son and His Spirit. Burning Ones exists to find young people who love Jesus, who hunger to know God more and to train and serve them as they follow Him.

A ‘Burning One’ will go to the highways, byways, the alleys and to the places no-one wants to go because they are devoted to reaching the ones who are lost and dont’t know Jesus.

Are you a Burning One?

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