When a Catalyst is added to something it causes a rapid change but the Catalyst is not affected. 

You are called to be a Catalyst. One who walks in relationship with Jesus and partners with him to impact lives around you. The lifestyle of a Catalyst is simple you love God and love people the way Jesus loves them. Your friends, family, neighbourhood, workplace, school campus, university, city, nation and other nations are waiting for you to step into who God made you to be. 

Now is the time to enter in to a new normal, creating a ripple effect wherever you go.



When you know your identity in Christ you are empowered to love wholeheartedly. The world is waiting for the love of God and we get to bring that to them. Wholehearted love has no room for fear or passivity but intentionally loves people.


We do not allow unbelief in our life. We choose to step out of the boat and live a lifestyle of seeing God do the impossible. Courageous faith is not simply about declaring truth it is about applying it too. Faith with works is powerful and is supposed to be normal.


The only way to live as a follower of Jesus is completely surrendered to Him. He is worth our time, finances, possessions, decisions and everything else. Total surrender is a response to his total surrender for us on the cross. It means we choose his way over our way.


Jesus died on the cross for our forgiveness and also our freedom. We become a new creation when we are born again. The freedom we have in Christ should result in radical transformation of the world around us. You are a new creation in Christ, time to practically live it out.


God has called you to literally see peoples eternities impacted. You have been made unique and you have a way of sharing Jesus with others that is unique to you. We believe now is the time for pew-sitting, spectator Christians to rise up and take action.


At the centre of a Catalyst’s life is prayer. Prayer is intimacy with God. It is a takes us deeper in relationship with him. Our greatest desire is for God, to know him authentically and respond with love for him. Out of this place of relationship with God overflows everything including intercession. Intercession is not a waste of time, it is powerful. If we are going to be Catalysts we need to be spending time in intercession because we need God.


The message of Jesus is the best and most powerful, life-changing message anyone could ever hear. The gospel, although simple is able to eternally save and transform someone’s life. Your story may seem mundane to you but to somebody else can be exactly what they need to hear. A Catalyst knows God and talks about God, because we love to talk about what we love.


Jesus loved people through proclaiming truth, moving in power and practical acts of love. Catalysts share the love of God with their mouths and show people the love of God with their works. God cares for every person and wants to use you to meet peoples needs with love. Whether it is painting a neighbours fence or giving away free clothes to someone there are opportunities all around us to practically love people


Every Christian is a Catalyst called to see God supernaturally move through them in their everyday life. The Holy Spirit wants to speak through you, heal through you, and reveal Jesus to people through you. Seeing the power of God is normal Christianity and not for an elite few. 








We launched in Auckland, New Zealand in February 2019. After meeting with various Christian groups on the Auckland University campus we facilitated a unified event in May. This consisted of many different groups each playing a part to do unified prayer, worship and outreach. 

In July we did two training events called ‘Catalyst’. The purpose was to empower people to walk in freedom from the fear of man, share the gospel and partner with the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives. They were both powerful times of encounter and people giving themselves to reaching the lost around them.

During 2019 we worked on bringing many different West Auckland youth groups together for a combined gathering. We managed to do this in November. God responded to the unity and hunger and moved powerfully in the room. We also did practical training on sharing the gospel so they all left equipped to share Jesus with their friends.


The story continues…

During 2019 we convened the Kingdom Come Tour. This was a collaborative tour of different movements from around the world and within New Zealand. We were due to leave for this tour in April 2020 but COVID-19 hit the shores of New Zealand and we went into a national lockdown. After much prayer we sensed that this did not mean the tour was cancelled only postponed.

During lockdown we knew that this was a God-given opportunity to allow God to not only reset our personal lives but Catalyst as well. We put everything on the altar and day after day, week after week, month after month positioned ourselves before God. As a result, here we are.


” I have known Ben Findlay and his wife Ceri for several years and always seen in them an enthusiastic and consistent desire to share the Good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Catalyst movement that they are spearheading, has the potential as a movement to see thousands of people, families and communities experience the love and healing power of Jesus and be changed forever. Get involved now and see the movement grow….”

– Dave Cole – YWAM Movement Elder


I’ve known Ben and Ceri for over 5 years and it’s been so great seeing them launch Catalyst Movement! They have a genuine desire to serve the church through seeing Christians empowered to reach those that don’t know Jesus. Their vision of seeing every Christian a Catalyst is relevant to the church today as there is a great need to see Jesus shared in every area of our nation. They have a heart of humility and honour and have an important role to help unify believers together to see a great harvest. I highly recommend Catalyst Movement and commend them for their role in the body of Christ.

– Matt Buchan – C3 Ellerslie, Campus Pastor