Catalyst Project is for people between the ages of 18 – 35.


A Catalyst causes change to happen, but is not changed itself. It creates a reaction to something that otherwise never would have reacted. The purpose of Catalyst Project is that you would become a catalyst for Jesus, a catalyst for hope, a catalyst for love, a catalyst for salvation and a catalyst for transformation.

You were never created for spectator Christianity. God has a unique and significant purpose for you. Imagine if every believer in New Zealand played their God-given part, we would see our nation saved and transformed by Jesus. Now is the time for you to rise up and be a Catalyst and give your life to see others turn to Jesus.

Catalyst Project has been created to empower a generation to be all in for Jesus and his call. You will be practically equipped to wholeheartedly love God and people,  live in freedom, reach the lost and disciple others. Catalyst Project is about practical application and together we want to instantly apply what we learn. We want to give ourselves to a lifestyle of action that impacts people with the love, message and power of Jesus.


Our prayer is that you would leave Catalyst Project:

  • More in love with Jesus
  • Living with greater freedom
  • Deeper knowing of your identity in Christ
  • Enjoying prayer
  • Passionate and trained to reach the lost
  • Knowing God’s call for you
  • With friends that will encourage and champion you

What does it look like?

Tere will be 3 days of training with 3 days of outreach in a town near Auckland. 

You will be part of a team of other young adults to go to a town where you will be doing:

  • Worship and Prayer
  • Evangelism
  • Training others
  • Practically Serving


More info to come..